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Where to rent air scrubbers or HEPA filtration equipment?
Alpine Air Corp. delivers to the following cities in Southern California. Our technicians will assist you with the set up of these machines.
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"Alpine Air Corp." is
       Southern California's Premier
             Indoor Air Quality Improvement                  Equipment Rental Company.

     Alpine Air Corp. specializes in Dust Control Consulting & Assistance , Rental of Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, Dehumidification, Odor Removal and offers extensive experience in the field of environmentally sensitive projects for general and remodeling contractors.

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All Deliveries to your residence or business are performed by highly trained, skilled technicians who are directly employed by AAC throughout Los Angeles, Riverside and Ventura county.

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HEPA Portable Air purifiers with carbon filters, Ozone generators available for fire, smoke damage! Contractors, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Government Agencies or individuals call AAC when they rent environmental equipment. Call for more information about our Environmental Equipment Rental. >>>

Environmental Rental Equipment

got mold Black Mold Testing, Toxic Mold Inspection and more information about indoor air quality investigation. Go to Mold Inspection >>>

Everyday People are becoming more conscious about environmental issues. The quality of the air we breathe is our most important concern. Procedures and protocols are established by the Environmental Protection Agency together with AACO proven proprietary technologies. AAC successes are verified through 3rd party final testing's and post remediation verifications.

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Mold Inspections vs. Mold Remediation
•  What is a mold inspection for?
•  Do I need a mold inspection to start a mold removal job?

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What Our Customers Say!

"The system worked perfectly you guys assisted me (and helped me) understand how to set it up and utilize the equipment and the job work perfectly we have (achieved) clearance. The rental took a little longer than I thought but I wasn't really prepared for the demolition which is what took longer than I anticipated, but yeah I'm really happy with what you guys did. My wife is a real estate agent and she will log your info and use you guys as a source for this type of work in the future I really appreciate your help!"
Jim M.
San Bernardino 2016
Rented Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II, Carbon Filters and Flexible Duct setup with Ozone Generator for construction and odor control in home.

" The machines worked great, they did exactly what we were looking for and even when we had to change your schedule a few times you guys worked with us and we would definitely give you guys a call again"
Liz C.
Beverly Hills 2016
Rented Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II, Carbon Filters and Flexible Duct setup for paint particles, fumes and odor control in residence for client project.

" I had nothing but good experience with you guys. You delivered on time, picked up on time, great service and perfectly working machines. The technicians were helpful in helping us understand how the machines work and setting them up we would recommend you to people we know and work with"
Sol S. 2015
Rented Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II Filters and Flexible Duct setup for dust control of construction/remodeling project.

" It was really easy and convenient, you guys responded really quickly. It was a last minute request and you guys responded promptly (we rented) an Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine (that) we needed for a clean area during concrete demolition. When the technician brought it all out, he explained how to connect everything, all the hoses and change out the filters, so he did a good job explaining all of that. We would call you again and recommend you to people we know"
Joe P. 2015
Thousand Oaks
Rented Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II Filters and Flexible Duct setup
for dust control of concrete demolition project.

" We had no problem, you were wonderful we had a great experience. Everyone was great working with us they did everything well...I was very happy"
Greg M. Diamond Bar 2015
Rented Air Scrubber Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II, setup for air clearance, allergens

" There was a lot of support from the company, the delivery was really nicely handled and I didn't feel like I had to do much of anything. You made it very easy at a hectic time when I was living in a house with construction, I really appreciated that the gentleman who delivered it went out of his way to make sure I had it set up for me and I just needed to turn it on, Very simple instructions, I would absolutely recommend you guys"
Christine J. Los Angeles September 2015
Rented Air Scrubber Machine with HEPA, Stage I/II, setup with for remodeling dust, air clearance in home.


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Infrared video of huge Southern California methane leak makes plume visible

Nov, 2015
DIY Mold Removal
on a BUDGET!!!

Making improvements in one’s home is a natural desire for many people. It symbolizes pride of property, progress and success; however ..


DIY Mold Removal Part ONE;

DIY Mold Removal Part TWO;


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AACO is a licensed, certified asbestos abatement & mold remediation company, providing environmental services in the west coast.
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